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Joe Anonymous

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I'm still alive! [02 Jul 2012|10:54pm]
Go read my tweets here @kidamiga
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new year, getting back to the good things.. [04 Jan 2009|04:14pm]
[ mood | cold ]

Long time no hear from mr.journal.
It's 2009 now, nothing really too excitingly
new with me. Still living in Seattle, still
working, still deejaying, still um....battling
a serious cereal addiction? I dunno.

I realized just yesterday that I didn't goto ANY
conventions last year. That's very crazy. I've been
going to cons heavily since about 1996 and it was
crazy to miss it. I'm making it up by putting a lot
of planning and new elements into the dances i'll be
doing this year. I have already bought my plane ticket
and gotten the time off to make Katsucon. So definitely
look for me there. As well, i'll be in town from Feb.11-18
You should try to make katsu if you can, and i'll try to
catch up with other folks during that time also.

Not much to say otherwise, i'll try to make some regular
writing here again, I think it would be nice.


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cross your ears... [28 Oct 2008|09:17pm]
[ mood | calm ]

Heya, long time no talk mr.journal!
I come bearing some interesting news.
I'm getting ready to put out a new mix, recorded
a couple of fun takes that will probably make it
into the final mix. I post them here to give you a
ear in on the process basically. They're a bit
crazy in places, definitely WIP, but still for any-
one who knows me this is no surprise. Anywho
here they are:

kid amiga - untsuntsnuts
29mins / 69MB
(the electroish portion of our program)
kid amiga - closerthanever
36mins / 83MB
(the house-y portion of our program)

If you cross your ears, you can hear a finished version
of the mix I think. Something like that.
Anywho, back with a more thought-provoking entry by the
end of the week.

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music chronology.. [03 Sep 2008|07:28pm]
Something I saw somewhere else, I did a way more
detail intensive one than was needed, but check it:

82 - 90 - Child's stuff, mostly raffi, some talking heads
from my dad, lotsa folk (my dad is a folk singer/songwriter
so i get a lotta random stuff from him). Big choons:

Michelle Shocked - When I grow up
Talking Heads - Take Me to the River/Wild Wild Life
(It's a tie in here because this is in the period I saw
True Stories for the first time)
Phillip Glass - Koyaanisqatsi soundtrack
(I saw the PBS showing of the movie on great performances
once, then watched the tape a bunch, honestly it's trance before
trance was trance in some ways)
Peter Gabriel - Sledgehammer (great video)
George Harrison - Got my mind set on you
(another awesome video)

90-96 - Whole buncha development in this
period, I fall in love with the Little Shop of
Horrors soundtrack in here, fall asleep listen-
ing to 92Q (mostly new jack swing and late
night baltimore club), hear the soundtrack to
"streets of rage 2" as well as learn about
Amiga MODs and the bootlegged versions
of prominent rave tracks. Big hits:

Yuzo Koshiro - Streets of Rage 2 soundtrack
(my fave video game soundtrack of all time,
really the most beautiful combination of music
vs. in-game frequencies)
En Vogue - Never gonna get it (Mos def for
the "bom bom bom, a woo woo woo-woo"
part, if you know the song, you know
what i'm talking about)
Boyz II Men - Motown Philly (again big love
for the new jack swing)
Dune - Hardcore Vibes/Million Miles (Poppy
by the day's standards, but generally lesser
known to some US-heads)
Josh Wink - Higher State of Consciousness
(a booted .MOD, but heard a 303 for the first
Weezer - Weezer (blue album is regifted to
me from a classmate who thought it was too
"geeky" in the grunge-y era)

97-04 - Whole buncha importance in here,
grew more in love with the Smashing Pumpkins,
really experience trance, then swiftly fall into
a hard dance romance. Big stuff again:

Smashing Pumpkins - Mellon Collie and the
Infinite Sadness(most favoritest rock album
ever kinda)
Superstation - Superstation is America (fledg-
ling indie band from the basements of baltimore,
back when emo was the sound of indie)
Sasha - Xpander (do i really need to explain?
Absolutely mind-blowing the first time i heard it.
Then doubly so playing
wipeout to it)
Graeme S - Poison & Destroy (actively followed
the graduating class of genero graduates among
them Gaz West, Guyver, Olly Perris and Ashley
Sinclair, P&D however is a brilliant track that
really hooked me on the sound)
Fatboy Slim - Rockefeller Skank (Had to stay up
well into the early morning at a buddy's house to
actually watch MTV2 on directtv, then watch it
religiously to even sneak a peek at this video
before it blew up, also Aphex Twin's "come to
Boom - Hold your head up high (At a field party
sometime in 02' in pittsburgh, pa I finally "get"
house music)
The Avalanches - Since I left you (Probably the
album that changed my life in terms of what i
thought was possible with sample-based music)

04-08 - Generally fall headlong into house.
Nothing to see here.
Give myself over to the rave.

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deejay spam... [21 Jun 2008|10:48am]
This is worth your time, you know it.
So I got a especially detailed piece of spam todayCollapse )
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where have you been sir? [28 Apr 2008|09:17pm]
[ mood | busy ]

I've been off in the magic wilds of the Northwest.
What's new? Not much honestly, working mostly.
I will start writing some of my comedy stuff here
to get it out on paper more.

This morning I saw McCain on the front page of the
USA Today, he was smiling. Was it a confident politician
smile? Not exactly, it was more of the grimace reserved
for that special moment when a person has a bowel movement
in their pants. A poll below stated that, "45% percent" of
some group of random people are of the mind that McCain is
"a different kind of republican than bush". That's not that
big of a deal honestly, I can you tell the difference between
cow dung and donkey leavings, doesn't make me anymore inclined
to elect either pile of shit to office.
Honestly the only reason McCain is not worried about Obama or
Hillary winning is that he still thinks neither has a right to
vote. He's a bit out of touch to say the least. His main two
campaign points are "finding a cure for polio" and "establishing
a quicker trade route to India". He's played that one down a bit
though, he's still wary on weighing in on this whole "round world"
In comparison to the democratic nominees, he does have a universal
healthcare plan, unfortunately though it seems to rely heavily on
hot soup, ribbon candy and a nerve tonic comprised of opium and
moonshine. Some would note this as a conflict of interest, however
after tasting a small sample, I fully endorse this for any number of
ailments including: hangnail, vapors, rickets, and breathing addiction.
(A more and more common affliction with the youth of today). Ask for
"Dr. Senator Q. Feelgood's Juice of Dreams" by name.
All kidding aside, McCain could give 20 dollars to every person he
met from now until the election and he'd still only get a handful of
votes from elderly people who think they're electing Ronald McDonald.
I can hear it now, "Oh he's good with the children, and I enjoy his
sandwiches". And I imagine the only other opinion from his senior citizen
constituency, "He's that nice fellow with a farm up the road and that
delightful dog, Bingo".
You should go out and vote for somebody other than Mr.McDonald though,
one of those other candidates who have stuff that make them good. I must
concede that my ADD (otherwise known as Alzheimers' Lite) forbids me from
remembering anything important about an issue such as this, but vote for
the person with a better memory than I has here. now.

Good talking to ya,

PS As a testament to how much attention McCain has garnered from
me, an average youth, I only now minutes ago realized his name was
spelled "McCain" and not "McKain".

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keep on truckin... [24 Jan 2008|10:22pm]
[ mood | calm ]

Hey y'all, good news and bad news.

First, the bad news, I was laid off. : /
End of the retail season came and went, so
cannot say that I wasn't expecting it. Doing
the rough job search thing, which is up and
down. Been interviewing where I can.
I had a let-down the other day, I somehow wasn't
qualified for a part-time job stuffing fliers into
plastic bags, I thought the only qualification for
a job like that was..um...having fucking hands.
Not "fucking" hands per say - although that is a
good way to make money, I mean to put that curse
word in there for emphasis, but now we've gone all
on a tangent and i'm all rambling. Phooey.
Okay, so the good news is that "Fort Shiny Awesome"
was well, in short, awesome. The party went off well,
the theater looked great because of tori & mindy's
help, and all the deejay sets were beyond amazing.
I wish I could just go and dance the whole time, but
duty called.
Broke about even, minus like 5 dollars, more importantly
it was fun for a buncha kids and nobody poked an eye out
with a cardboard sword (weird dream i had before the party
don't ask!).

Other than that, just been thinking more about comedy and
getting out to do it. My b'day is approaching, so as well
trying to get something together for that. Trying desperately
to make it to katsucon, but all really depends on if I get a
job and can afford the plane ticket : /. We shall see.


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once a month... [31 Dec 2007|08:08am]
[ mood | awake ]

That's pretty good right?

First here's what i'm doing next:

A party i've been brainstorming for a bit,
it's basically an excuse to make big old tent
forts and stuff. Should be fun.

Out of all the great movies in theaters right now, what did i see?

Alvin and the Chipmunks.

I fucking loved it. All my friends were like, "oh man
they're eviscerating my childhood". First off, dave
now has three chipmunks who sing, in the 80s
dave was a single guy with no love interest living
with three small boys. I'm kinda thinking that's an
upgrade. Furthermore, were you into the chipmunks
before they were big? Did you dig their underground
stuff before their album was mentioned in pitchfork?
Cause as far as I fucking know, they were like a novel-
ty pop record from the 50s, and its been commercial
for forever and a day. I will say you could tell Jason Lee
didn't want to be in this, in every shot he looks like the
person who has to deal with drunk uncle bruce at every
family get-together. I'm pretty sure he was dry-heaving
between every take. Another funny note, David Cross
wears long sleeves the entire movie, and the reason for
that is he was more than likely cutting himself in his
trailer in the downtime.

oh yeah, the chipmunks sing funkytown. And alvin
sings "dontcha" (the pussycat dolls song) and its amazing.


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I come from... [30 Nov 2007|07:22am]
[ mood | amused ]

I come from the wasteland bearing this gift (hint: larp+nativity=gold):

enjoy nerds!


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ME! COMEDY! TONIGHT! FREE! [11 Nov 2007|09:33am]
[ mood | chipper ]

Four months ago, Andrew Iwancio bore on his back enough supplies,
ammo and rifles to cross the United States. Thought to be lost and
dead, search parties gave up hope of finding the reckless pioneer, the
last sign of him being two liter bottle found near Death Valley.
Suddenly, for whatever reason, Andrew found his way home; reappearing
in Baltimore mere days ago.

Andrew Iwancio comes to the Hamilton Arts Center to detail his brave
journey into the wilds of America, or maybe to just do comedy for a group
of folks that haven't seen him in awhile. well either way it should be good...
..probably. It is free, so set your expectations on "low" and prepare to be
slightly amazed.

Also enjoy the fine comedy stylings of Jake Young, of the Geek Comedy Tour 3000, and a short film by the Scarecrow and Mr. Vogt.

Doors at 8, show at 9

Hamilton Arts Collective
5440 Harford Road
(Side Entrance)
Baltimore, MD 21214

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Up early over here.... [25 Oct 2007|06:46am]
[ mood | calm ]

Howdee again mr.journal.

Things have been going okay for me, just kinda coasting
on. Speaking of coasting, i'll be on the east coast in
just about a week. woot. Whilst i'm around, i'll be
doing a little night of standup at the Hamilton Arts
Center, specifically November 11th at like, 9pmish.

What else has been new? hmm.

It's been rainy, but I guess that's nothing too new.

Well, off to work. I'll update more often, promise!


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dear journal... [12 Oct 2007|01:02am]
[ mood | awake ]

how ya been?
I know its been a bit, i'ma try and fix that by
updating more. Ummers, i've moved to seattle for
those folks who didn't notice. I've been out here
for 4 months just about. Threw my first party,
"polkabot" and getting ready to do another one.

Finally got off my ass and started doing stand-up
comedy. woot, i've written a buncha new material.
Which brings me to my next bit of news.

I'll be coming back to baltimore for three weeks
at the beginning of November. (I technically come
in on October 31st ooo...spooky). I'll be doing
Nekocon the first weekend, hanging around for awhile
the week after probably to visit the folks down
in fredericksburg. the second weekend in november
i'll be around for hanging out. That sunday november
11th, i'll be doing a night of stand-up comedy for
FREE for you folks at the HAC (Hamilton Arts Center).
There'll also be some music, i'm working that out right
now. Then i'll be doing AnimeUSA before heading back out
here to SEA-town. Should be a jolly good time all-around.
I wanna definitely see everybody. So hit me up.

your friend,

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My Last party in MD! [30 May 2007|08:13am]
[ mood | busy ]

Stuffed Soundsystem presents
Peanut Butter n' Jam

Brian H.
(Mayavada/Konvocation/Peripheral Fission)
Farewell set!

Kid Amiga
(Stuffed Soundsystem/Peripheral Fission/SSS)
Last party in b'more!

(T.W.O./Family Productions)
Technoe-y goodness!

(and a few more djs TBA)

Live Art + Work from Local Artists + PBJ sammiches!

Saturday June 2nd 2007
All Ages

Graciously hosted by the 2640 co-op space in Baltimore, MD.
Located at 2640 St. Paul St. Baltimore, MD 21218 (At the
intersection of 27th & St. Paul). More info about the space
can be found over at:


The party is free and will also include an indoor picnic! Be sure
to bring a blanket and some picnick-y kinda food. Again, it's also
BYOB, so you can bring yourself a little cooler as well.

Sorry to be taking up sooooo much of your friends page, but this
is a one time thing and won't happen again. Here are just a few
more pix to draw your attention:


PS More jibber-jabber about the event can be found over here:

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basement stuffage... [14 Feb 2007|08:05am]
[ mood | calm ]

Coming soon kids:

B'day party at mah house. You know how this be.
Gonna try and fill my basement with a whole
buncha fun-ness.

Other than that, ummmers, just been working and
working. Also being addicted to "My Super Sweet Sixteen",
"Bam's Unholy Union" and Tetris DS. I know i'ma loser.
You know what would be worse though? Dying of internal
bleeding. I mean what the hell is that? That's like dying
of breathing. Aren't we all bleeding internally anyway?
Is there some body parts that freak out cause'of blood?

Anyway, work soonish. Whole buncha new music to go
through, woot.


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Meh-ry Chrismass. [28 Dec 2006|12:12pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

Eh, just been trapped in a gigantic paranoid
bubble for the moment. Was supposed to hook
up with some folks last night, but that panned
out into me calling and not getting answers from
anyone or getting the run-around That just takes
my mood and flattens it.
I can't really blame anybody for not wanting to
hangout tho, all I seem to be good for is watching
TV and falling asleep. Great company I make. Even
trying to get phone calls out of anyone seems to
be just futile. Then i get ancy and call people
back more, which i'm sure paints a great picture
of my mental health. meh. I gotta depend on people
for rides, and that puts me as a big old fifth
wheel on most situations. double meh.

Busy practicing for NYE at the moment, but that's
another big old question mark, as i've yet to
get my whole outfit together, and I don't know if
I can even use my cd decks at the venue. That's a
big old hit to my mixing if I can't, and oi, just
thinking about it makes my stomach turn.


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Spoke to soon! [17 Dec 2006|12:29pm]
[ mood | awake ]

So it looks like I did win a slot on NYE at buzzlife's
"Electric Avenue" party! Thanks everybody for voting for
me! I appreciate the support and I won't letcha down in
the spinny department!


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Much love to y'all.. [16 Dec 2006|12:53pm]
[ mood | amused ]

So the contest for NYE is over, I got something
like 78 votes. Kinda puts me out of the running,
but I appreciate all the help and good thoughts
people have given me throughout. Ummers.. yeah
big ups for taking the time to give me support.
If on the off chance i somehow do make the cut
i'll be the first to update ya on it!



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[14 Dec 2006|02:31pm]
[ mood | complacent ]

Thanks soo much for the good response to the
buzzlife voting! I'm on the verge of taking second
place, so i'm back on here to beg y'all one more
time to vote for me!

If ya don't know, i have a nomination in for a rather
big NYE party, but playing at it requires winning votes.
To vote you need to be a member of the buzzboard
(the forum), but it only takes a few seconds to sign
up. If you know me, you know i'd probably come with
the goodie-musik and happy times that usually entails.
So um, yeah vote fer me here:


If you wanna hear what i sound like, take a listen here:

That's my most newest released mix for the moment (although i've got a new one in the works)
Listen to eet. 85 MB.

Um, so yeah thanks a ton, lets try to get like a couple more votes : )


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vote-ish for me... [11 Dec 2006|04:32pm]
Heya, so I have a chance to play a NYE gig
for buzzlife. I've got a nomination, I just
need votes. So here's me begging you all real
nice-like if you could vote for me. If you're
not a buzzboard member, it only takes a few
seconds to register to place a vote. Here's the
poll and thanks a tonnage : )


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oh myspace gets me all the ladies... [26 Nov 2006|12:49pm]
[ mood | calm ]

So yeah, woke up to a barrage of myspace spam
from all sorts of "ladies" who apparently want
a round trip on the old "Andrew Dissapointment
Express". I responded to one delightful young
woman who wish to meet me:

From: Brandy
Date: Nov 26 2006 4:29 AM
Title: how r you

nice profile! i was browsing profiles in
your area becuase i just moved. me and my
roommate dont know anyone out here and we
are looking for some guys to drink with
(at our hot tub if you want) and you
look like a cutie ;) anwyay check out my
profile and tell me what you think.
My contact info is on my page if you want
to chat.

From: Me
Date: Nov 26th 10:40 AM
Title: RE: how r you

My name is Jon. I would love to "chat" with
you and maybe as well, attend your "hot tub"
with your "roommate". I , however, cannot.
You are a foul temptress sent from hell to claim
my precious virginity in the name of satan. Your
game will not work with me jezebel. You may try
to court me with premarital intercourse, but I
will stay the tried and true christian path. I must
insist that you take your lecherous fantasies of
whipping me whilst my body is lathered in peanut
butter and clothespins back to the pagan circle
of the netherworld whence you came. I will not
buckle under the weight of your obviously large
busoms. You cannot break my will with your suc-
culent balloons of illicit joy.

May you find faith in christ our lord,
Jonathan Abel

P.S. Here is the text of the prayer known as
the "our father", if you wish to repent from
your harlot past, please repeat this 50 times,
and get thee to the closest confessional for
a full cleansing of the soul:

Our Father, Who art unbeaten,
Hallowed be Thy Game.(140 wins no losses since the dawn of man)
Thy Magical Kingdom come.
Thy Will be fun, on rides, but usually not in lines.
Give us this big mac, our daily fill.
And forgive us our fat asses,
as we forgive those who pass gas against us.
And lead us not into the temptations or the four tops,
but deliver us free pizza. Uncle Ben. (kenobi)

Okay, so i'll post back here with whatever
response i do end up getting.

In other news, my phone line is still down so i
have to call using skype, which puts a myriad of
weird phone numbers as the incoming number, so
if you see one, take a chance, it might be me.


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